Work abroad!

You can look for a job abroad.

 Work Holiday Visa.

Some countries have an agreement with France and they offer Work-Holiday Visas, meaning that you can work and travel at the same time.

How does it work?

It is usually for a maximum of one year.

There are also limitations on the age: it is for young people but each country has its own regulations.

You also need to be able to prove that you have a certain amount of money available on a bank account to prove you will not be a burden for the country.

And finally you need to have a health insurance to cover you during your stay.

And of course you need to apply for the visa.

For certain countries it is rather easy to obtain (Australia, New Zealand), for other countries like Canada, you need to apply in the days following the beginning of the campaign. It means that you need to have all the required documents ready and be quick to apply.

Which countries are eligible?

Argentina, Australia, Canada, Corée du Sud, Hong-Kong, New Zealand, Japon, Taiwan

How can I get more information?

This website is great:

Can I get some financial help?

Unless I am missing something, I don’t think so.

Special tips for Canada.

I recommend to subscribe to the newsletter from ( and then to subscribe to the alerts offered by the official website of Canada.

Also you can get information and help from ofqj (Office Franco-Quebecois pour la Jeunesse).

For Canada you can also apply for another type of visa, it is the visa young professional/jeune travailleur.

It is much easier to get because less people apply for it. The reason is that you need to have found the job before applying. But it is possible and I think you should consider it as well.

Special tips for the USA.

Let’s face it, it is getting more and more difficult to go to the US. But it is still possible, either as an intern (see here), or as an aupair (see here) or you need to apply for a Green Card.

AuPair girl.

Working as an aupair can actually be a great experience:

  • You really live in the country with a real local family
  • You don’t have to look for accommodation or a job or anything really
  • You can meet great people and it can open a whole range of new perspectives for your life.

This is only my little personal opinion, but I think that if you really want to have opportunities you should go to northern America or Australia/NZ. What’s the point going to the UK, really? You can go to the UK anytime, work there, live there and with low costs companies it’s reaaally cheap.

One of my former students, Marion (see in the “real people and tips” section) recommends Calvin Thomas, a French agency working with the US company Europair.


Interesting facebook page for opportunities and tips to work in the wine industry:

For classifieds etc in the US:

The same for the UK:


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