Comparatif de supériorité

Comparatif d'infériorité

Comparatif d'égalité

Superlatif de supériorité

Superlatif d'infériorité


plus… que



le plus…

le moins …

Adjectifs courts

(une syllabe)

adj + er (than)


less adj. (than)

less cheap

as adj. as

as cheap as

the adj-est

the cheapest

the least adj

the least cheap

Adjectifs 2 syllabes terminés par -y, -er, -ow,-le

adj + er (than)


less adj. (than)

less roomy

as adj. as

as roomy as

the adj-est

the roomiest

the least adj

the least roomy

Autres adjectifs de 2 syllabes et plus                          

more adj. (than)

more expensive

less adj. (than)

less expensive

as adj. as

as expensive as

the most adj

the most expensive

the least adj

the least expensive



Good/well    better (than)          the best

Bad           worse (than)          the worst

Far           farther (than)         the farthest

               further (than)        the furthest  /sens figuré/ figurative language/

Ex: should you require any further information, don’t hesitate to ask me.

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