E-learning 1, November 26

Describing religious architecture.

1. Watch the following video on the difference between Romanesque and Gothic architecture and take notes to make a summary.


2. Watch this second video

3. Download the following worksheet and fill it out with the help of the following video. Bring the worksheet to class for correction.

Notre dame videoNotre dame video (80 Ko)

3. Watch the third video on a virtual visit of Notre Dame de Paris, a fine example of gothic architecture.

4. Record a (one) summary of the first and second videos, pretending you are speaking to visitors. The recording should not last more than 10 minutes. Send the recording to the usual address.

E-learning 2, March 4

1- Watch the following video. Cambridge is presented only through anecdotes.

2- Make a summary

3- Pick a site of your choice and present it only through anecdotes

4- Send your recording to the usual address

E-learning 3, May 27

From Lascaux to Stonehenge.

1- Watch the following video on Lascaux and fill in the worksheet. Bring back the worksheet to class, on 22nd May.

The lascaux caveThe lascaux cave (184.97 Ko)

2- Watch the following video on Stonehenge and fill in the worksheetBring back the worksheet to class, May 22nd.

Stonehenge worksheet 1Stonehenge worksheet 1 (32 Ko)


Quiz on Leonardo (for the class on paintings)


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