Air travel


Airport shuttle: navette aéroport

Boarding pass: carte d’embarquement

Check-in desk: comptroir d’enregistrement

“You can check in for your flight online or on your mobile device before arriving at the airport, or you can use the self-service check-in kiosks at the airport. If there are no self-service check-in kiosks at the airport, you can check in at a check-in desk. “

Luggage/baggage: les baggages

A piece of luggage, two pieces of luggage: un baggage, deux baggages

To check-in one’s luggage/baggage: enregistrer ses bagages

Baggage/luggage trolley: chariot à baggage

Luggage/baggage allowance: poids de baggage autorisé

Carry-on (luggage/baggage): baggage accompagné

Hand luggage: baggage à main

Luggage/baggage carousel: tapis à baggage

Lost and delayed luggage: baggage perdu ou retardé

Suitcase: valise

Backpack/rucksack: sac à dos

Luggage/baggage carousel: tapis à baggage

Lost and delayed luggage: baggage perdu ou retardé

Passport control: contrôle des passeports

Visa: visa

Identification/ID: pièce d’identité

Pre-boarding announcement: annonce avant l’embarquement

Final boarding announcement: annonce d’embarquement final

Security check: vérification de sécurité

To go through security: passer la sécurité

Overbooking of seats: surbooking des sièges

Flight delay: retard de vol

“When confronted with flight delay or cancellation, always request a written statement from the airline. This is always necessary if you have purchased a cancellation insurance policy. The written statement can be used as proof to support your claim to financial compensation within the legal framework of the EC Regulation 261/2004”. (

Flight cancellation: annulation de vol

“If the flight for which you had a valid/confirmed reservation is CANCELLED then you may be entitled to compensation. If upon arrival you discover that you have been re-routed to another flight, then you may also be entitled to a financial compensation.”


Flight rerouting: déroutement de vol

There are two types of re-routing.

Re-routed with a different flight number

The first type of re-routing occurs when you reach your destination with a different flight number than the one you were initially booked on. This situation is very common and it often results in delays for the affected passengers.
Re-routed on a different route

The second type of re-routing occurs when you reach your final destination but this occurs by flying on a different route than originally planned. In these cases you may be entitled to compensation. The delay experienced must be longer than three hours.


Departure lounge: salle d’embarquement

Departure board: tableau des départs

Arrival board: tableau des arrivées

Airbridge: passerelle


Airplane, aircraft: avion

Airliner: avion de ligne

Hold: soute

Tail: queue (arrière de l’avion)

Nose: nez (avant de l’avion)

Cabin: cabine

Cockpit: cabine de pilotage

Landing gear: train d'aterrissage

Pre-flight announcement: annoce avant le vol

Safety briefing: briefing de sécurité

Leg room: espace pour les jambes

Window seat: siège hublot

Middle seat: siège du milieu

Aisle seat: siège couloir

short-haul: vol court courrier

medium-haul: moyen courrier

long-haul flight: long courrier

turbulence: tubulence

air pocket: trou d’air

galley: cuisine

to fasten one’s seatbelt: attacher sa ceinture

“Please keep your seat belt fastened until our aircraft has come to a complete stop/until the sign has been switched off”

in-flight entertainment: divertissement à bord

“The in-flight magazine is available in the seat pocket in front of you. “


Check-in clerk/agent/attendant: agent d’enregistrement

Ground staff: personnel au sol

Station agent:

flight attendant: personnel naviguant commercial

cabin crew: personnel de cabine, personnel navigant commercial

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